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Astrological Services

I provide a wide variety of astrological services. The below is merely a sample of what I can offer, please contact me if your requirements differ. Personal consultations are normally one hour in length and I usually see clients in my home office in South London. I occasionally meet clients in North London and can travel to your location (within reason) if you are willing and able to cover my expenses. I also supply reports by email and through the post. Telephone consultations may be booked by arrangement.

In all cases I ask for at least 50% of the final fee as a deposit with the balance being due at the end of the consultation or on receipt of a written report. For a complete study of your birth chart I need to know your date, time and place of birth. I realise that not everyone knows their time of birth, but it's worth your while trying to find out as without it, there are some limitations on what I can do. This doesn't mean that you can't have a chart prepared without a time, far from it. But it does mean that there are likely to be areas that are unclear, and it is more difficult being precise with timing for forecasts. Even an approximate time can be helpful. If you are unsure, please contact me to discuss this further.

I accept payment through Paypal in pounds, dollars or euros, by a cheque drawn on a sterling account or in the form of cash wrapped nicely in an envelope (at your own risk). I can't accept credit card payments directly. Honestly. There's no point in asking me again. However, if you can think of a method of payment that may not have occurred to me, it's worth asking. Though I don't accept chickens.

Birth chart analysis

I can provide a full birth chart analysis by personal consultation or written report. I also supply reports for babies and young children (or rather, usually for their parents.) My base rate is £75.



A forecasting report looks at what's coming up for you over a defined period (usually six months.) The cost varies depending on the time period you want examined and whether or not you want an analysis of your birth chart in addition. There is a supplemental charge if you want forecasting alone and I haven't worked with your birth chart before. As an example, a six month forecast would be in the region of £75.

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Realtionship Astrology

This consists of comparing your chart with that of a significant other. It isn't restricted to romantic relationships, any sort of relationship is suitable. It helps you to understand the nature of your relationship and examine potential pitfalls. The cost depends on whether I have worked with your birth chart before. As a guide, an initial report would be in the region of £90.

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Electional Astrology

This is a way of using astrology to decide the best time to undertake a course of action or hold an event. For example, the best time to open a business or hold a wedding. Rates vary according to the time span you have in mind and other factors. As an example, an election for a wedding over a possible three month period would be £90.

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Horary astrology is the art of casting a chart to give an answer to a specific question. It isn't normally necessary to meet in person for a horary reading and I can usally respond quickly to these requests. It's suitable for when your question is very specific. I'll say specific again. Specific. It really doesn't work well for the big questions. I honestly can't tell you whether or not God exists. However, if you want a yes or no answer, or a speedy response, this could be the service you're looking for. A horary chart costs £35.



I have appeared on TV and radio as a guest astrologer. A showreel can be sent on request. I have also written astrological features and horoscope columns for a number of publications and have worked as a consultant for a number of companies. Please contact me with your requirements.

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I am available for formal lectures and informal talks on practically any astrological subject - although, obviously I have my areas of speciality. My fees depend on the type of event and will include travel expenses. Please contact me for further details.

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Corporate Parties

I have previously worked at corporate events and parties as an astrologer for clients entertainment. Rates vary according to the size and duration of event and include travel expenses. As an example, an evening only event in London would cost in the region of £250. Please contact me for further details.


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