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The Astral Tramp: A Biography of Sepharial

Eighty years after his death Sepharial still features on most astrologers' reading lists, but his work faded into obscurity after his death. This book wrestles him from that obscurity and seeks to place him where he belongs - at the heart of the occult establishment at the turn of the century.

The Astral Tramp - a nickname given to Walter Old by Madame Blavatsky on account of his frequent sortie into the astral domain at night - is a highly illuminating biography on the life and work of Sepharial. Sepharial is one of astrology's most prolific writers, teachers and lecturers, and deserves a more prominent place in the history of not only astrology but also of contemporary mysticism than he currently occupies. Kim Farnell's book goes a long way in correcting this oversight. I found this book fascinating to read, and devoured it in three evenings. It has been thoroughly research and comprehensively referenced, sourced and indexed, which is refreshing. That this book deals with astrology's history and heritage means that The Astral Tramp should be required reading for all students of astrology.

Andrew Smith, The Celtic Astrologer, Summer 1998

When the history of its genesis in the 1880s-1900s comes to be properly written, the figure of Walter Old - Sepharial - will assume its rightful place. True to the spirit of the times, that all things were knowable, he believed that astrology was scientifically verifiable. Sepharial remains an influential figure in 1990s astrology and his Manual of Astrology is in print to this day, even though his work was eclipsed by that of his rival, Alan Leo. Indeed, there is continuing demand for his manuscripts on numerology, horse-racing and stock-market forecasting and his work was recommended by W.D.Gann, the seminal figure in the little known but highly profitable world of 'esoteric' financial speculation. Farnell argues that he also had a philosophical significance, introducing concepts such as karma and reincarnation into his work and anticipating the 'psychologising' of astrology, all developments normally attributed to Alan Leo.

Nicholas Campion, Astrological Association Journal, November 1999

Available from £9.99

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Mystical Vampire: The Life and Works of Mabel Collins


''I recommend the book to one and all whom have an interest in Victorian Society, for the off-beat origins of many institutions that are influential on our lives today. More than a few ideas found within Mystical Vampire such as the possibility of Annie Besant and Helena Blavatsky being more than just friends, make the book a good investment. For the Ripperologist, the two (and there may be other gems in there, so buy it!) items I mentioned on Collins/Stephenson are worth the price of the book alone. Few books (Sugden, Begg and Evans come to mind) are as well referenced and footnoted as this one. Ms Farnell has done an excellent job on her subject, Minna Mabel Collins.''

Howard Brown, Casebook: Jack The Ripper the Web's largest Jack The Ripper public archive.

''Kim Farnell has done devotees of gaslight and mediums a service in bringing Mabel's world back to life''

Gary Lachman, The Independent On Sunday

The Characters

*Mabel Collins, theosophist, novelist, fashion columnist, journalist and anti-vivisection campaigner

*Madame Blavatsky the extraordinary Russian occultist founder of theosophy, and other eminent members of her Theosophical Society

*Annie Besant, social reformer and theosophist

*Robert Donston Stephenson, a suspect for Jack the Ripper and Mabel’s lover

*Frances Power Cobbe, social reformer, suffragist and anti-vivisection campaigner

*Charlotte Despard, social reformer, and anti-vivisection campaigner

Mabel Collins was an independent woman in the oppressive Victorian climate. She wrote many novels, but most will remember Mabel Collins, for her best selling mystical text Light On The Path published by the Theosophical Society. After her fall out with Madame Blavatsky, she carried on with her life as an esotericist, traveller and writer. She was moved by the plight and suffering of helpless creatures, and became a campaigner for the abolition of vivisection.

Available from £12.99

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Illustrated A-Z of Understanding Star Signs

This deeply illustrated book is basically an A-Z of every term you are likely to need to find or occasion to use in astrology or astronomy. As well as mini biogs of important movers in as astrology such as Johannes Kepler and Michel Gauquelin, there are definitions of every planet and sign, chart point and includes obscure astrological word such as Matutine – a term to describe a planet that rises in the morning in the East before the sun. Also did you know that Logarithms were first invented to allow accurate calculation of astrological charts before they became a standard use for navigation? Something that schools will often forget to mention. In all I would suggest this is a book for you to buy for any astrological or astronomical student. Even an long practised astrologer will find information in this book a delight and along with the rare photos and illustrations that make this an invaluable book to dip into for pleasure.

Adam Fronteras

Available from Amazon.co.uk

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I Ching Decision Maker

Available from £7.64

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Reading the Runes

Available from £7.64

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The Astrology of Sex


Pdf online book. Available from Swan Island $23

Astrology Restored

by William Ramesey 1653

A fully annotated ebook of Ramesey's classic text in modern English.

Cost: £10 ($20 US or 15 Euro). Payment by paypal or sterling cheque.

Astrologia Restaurata (Astrology Restored) was originally published in 1653. Its 576 pages is divided into four books. The first is Ramesey's proof of the validity of astrology; the second a basic astrological guide; the third a through explanation of electional astrology; and the fourth discusses mundane astrology.

This pdf version is fully annotated, containing explanations of archaic terms, literary and Biblical references and translations of Latin passages.

Please pay by Paypal or sterling cheque (contact me for details.) You will be sent a link where you can download the ebook.

Cost: £10 ($20 US or 15 Euro).

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