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Writing Services

I work as an writer/editor as well as an astrologer. I have ghostwritten a number of books and have written a large number of ebooks ranging from five to two hundred pages in length on a variety of subjects. Samples are available on request.


I can write anything from a full book to short articles. Rates vary depending on the amount of research involved, the complexity of the work and wordage required. A single page web article (300 words) costs about £25. A fifty page ebook costs about £400. Please contact me with your requirements.

Horoscope columns

I have previously written daily, weekly and monthly horoscope columns for a variety of publications. Samples are available on request. Rates vary according to the frequency of the column and wordage involved. A weekly column of up to 100 words per sign would cost £200.

Astrological Writing

I am able to write on a variety of astrological and related subjects from Sun sign profiles to in depth analyses of birth charts. Samples are available on request.


Rates for editing vary depending on the work involved. Copy editing, which incolves proof reading and light editing to improve flow and structure costs £15 per one thousand words. For more extensive editing a quote can be given after sight of a representative sample of the text.


Proofreading comprises correcting punctuation, typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. Rates are £10 per one thousand words.

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I am an experienced researcher and specialise in occult and metaphysical history and the nineteenth century. I am also able to conduct genealogical research. My rates are £25 per hour plus expenses (travel, document copying etc.) I have access to public record dispositories in London and am often to be found pouring over dusty tomes in the British Library. I am also a speedy and efficient web researcher. I have conducted research for private individuals, writers and businesses. Please contact me with your requirements.

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