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A Startling Astrological Feat

That You Can Do

How I learned the secret in one evening. - It has helped me every day.

When my old friend Deborah invited me to a dinner party at her house, I little thought it would be the direct means of my gaining spiritual insight through astrology in less than ten minutes. Yet it was, and here is the way it all came about.

Towards the end of the evening things began to drag a bit as they often do at parties. Finally someone suggested the old idea of having everyone do an astrological party piece. Some answered horaries, others forced weird midpoint trees on us, elected charts, related mythological tales and so on.

Then it came to Garry's turn. He said he had a simple "trick" which he hoped we would like. First he asked to be blindfolded. Those present were asked to call out their chart data. He then asked me to describe the major configurations in their charts. Garry then astounded everyone by his insight into the soul's purpose. Over and over again he answered questions such as:- Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a higher meaning to life? Without making a single mistake.

You may well imagine our amazement at Garry's remarkable feat. You naturally expect to see a thing of this sort at conferences. Even then you look upon it as a trick. But to see it done by an ordinary astrologer, in plain view of everyone, blindfolded and under conditions which make spiritual intervention impossible, is astonishing to say the least.

On the way home that evening I asked Garry how it was done. He said there was really nothing to it - simply a technique, the key to which anyone could easily learn in one evening. The reason most people have poor spiritual insight is because they leave enlightenment to chance. Anyone could do what she had done and develop an insight, he said, by following a few simple rules. And then he told me exactly how to do it. At the time I little thought that evening would prove to be one of the most eventful in my life, but that's what it proved to be. What Garry said I took to heart.

In one evening I made remarkable strides in attaining new spiritual heights. In just a few days I learned to do exactly what he had done. At first I amused myself with my new-found ability by amazing people at parties. Everyone was talking about the soul's purpose and I was showered with invitations. I found that my ability to offer spiritual insight helped me tremendously, especially in consultations The astrologer who can back up his statements quickly with a string of spiritualistic insights dominates every session. What's more I can do a consultation quicker and with much less effort than before. What Garry told me that eventful evening was this. "Send for details of Madame Sosostris' course.

I did. That was my first step to learning to do all the remarkable things I have told you about. I was so impressed that I got permission to publish her course myself. Forget studying with Trans-Himalayan Masters. There's no need to spend years in contemplation. All you have to do is master this short course. My advice to you now is don't wait a minute. Full details of the remarkable Course are available free on request. You will be amazed how it can improve your opportunities at work and in your social life. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by posting the coupon today. But in case you don't believe me, take a quick look at the course outline below. I'm sure you'll waste no time after reading this and enrol immediately.

Lesson 1 - Excuse me. I'd just like to ask a question. What does God need with a starship? 1

It's often been said that the stars impel, not compel. In simple language that means that you follow the map in front of you and not let your personal starship go willy-nilly where it likes. In the old days everyone was part of the cosmos and the cosmos was part of you. Fate used to mean something and everyone followed it. The zodiac showed the path along which all life would travel and the houses showed you a path you could follow or just where you were most likely to screw yourself. Since the invention of free will things have changed. Nowadays only a bad Neptune transit to your south node is likely to see you completely screwed. Unless you want to be. That's free will. Learn more about being impelled rather than impaled.

Lesson 2 - Please, Spock, do me a favour ...and don't say it's `fascinating'.. - "No... but it is... interesting" 2

Everything under creation is based on the interaction of streams of energy pouring into our solar system. Some signs have one ray, some two or three. Or maybe six or seven. OR EVEN AS MANY AS EIGHTEEN!!!! Some will probably have more when we discover them. The ascendant shows the spiritual form your soul functions through, in addition to telling you whether you're good looking or not. A close study of your rising sign will show whether you can be enlightened easily or will need some practice. The rays are:-

1 - will, power, willpower, the power of will, will you have power.

2 - is it wise to love, should you not bother, when is love spiritual anyway?

3 - intelligence, have you got any and do you need it to be spiritual.

4 - harmony, resolving conflict and knowing when to knock it on the head.

5 - knowledge, science, complicated things that truly spiritual people don't need to understand.

6 - idealism, devotion, how to be devoted, how to get people devoted to you.

7 - miscellaneous

Lesson 3 -You can either make your own decisions or you can let these prophecies make them for you. 3

With free will you can listen to prophecies without having to take them too seriously. Instead of fate, modern spirituality has karma. One student said "I think karma is what is happening if squash bugs when you're a kid, and then later in life an elephant falls on you. I used to think it was a make of Volkswagen." Whereas with fate, the elephant would fall on you even if you let the bugs escape. Looking at the Moons nodes can show you what karmic baggage you bring into this incarnation and how you can best hide it. "Retrogrades are one of the primary causes of sexual difficulties in the world today" says one renowned astrological writer. Learn how to become more enlightened so your retrograde planets can ENHANCE your sex life.

Lesson 4 - A little suffering is good for the soul. 4

The divine part of yourself seeks expression and the higher part of yourself connects with that part. Life is a collection of trials and tribulations that give you the opportunity to uncover your divine spark and the purpose of your mission in this incarnation. The wounds and obstacles you experience can be fuel for your spiritual growth and evolution. Without spiritual study they simply make life hell.

Lesson 5 - If there's nothing wrong with me maybe there's something wrong with the universe. 5

Once you understand how the powers of the rays work and the potential of finding divine enlightenment, life will never be the same again. There's no need to be held back by what fate has in store for you. The Neptunian bliss you can only truly experience from being totally wrapped up in yourself is like no bliss you can find elsewhere.

Lesson 6 - Course heading Captain? - Second star to the right and straight on till morning. 6

There is a need within us all to understand the bigger questions. You need to know your souls purpose otherwise you will feel unfulfilled, lost and alienated. And who wants that? Sometimes the souls purpose can become lost through time and the mundane circumstances of life. Learn how to ignore the pressures and responsibilities reality throw at you and how to become more enlightened.

Lesson 7 - Is that really an ancient legend? - "No. But that made it easier to say. 7

Modern astrology attempts to explain planetary meanings in terms of old myths and legends. But it's really much easier than that. The real meaning of the planets, in this new astrology, comes from what they look like. So Jupiter is associated with jugs and swans, the Sun with fried eggs and so on. With the active participation of the higher self it's possible to discover a whole new range of meanings for any part of the chart and avoid learning all the complicated rules of the old fashioned, traditional astrology.

Lesson 8 - The Universe is not so badly designed. 8

Reading a horoscope in a spiritual way is a sacred process, not to be undertaken lightly. Connecting with your higher self you can use the chart as a tool with the planets acting as your guides for this lifetime. To read a chart in a spiritual fashion you need to think with your heart and feel with your mind. Sort of like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. In fact, patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time is a helpful exercise in stimulating your symbolic mind and activating your imagination. Once you get it right you find that your etheric heart begins to vibrate, the atomic constitution of your brain changes and you have a great party trick.

Lesson 9 - I have an appointment with eternity and I don't want to be late. 9

Of all the rays in manifestation only five are in incarnation at any given time:- mineral, plant, animal, human and spiritual people -like those who have done this course.

Lesson 10 - What kind of fool ARE you? - My own special variety. 10

Spiritual astrology only gives results for those who are consciously living a spiritual life. For most ordinary people, traditional astrology is good enough as they're not up to higher meanings. If you're on the path in a deliberate and determined way, like students of this course, you will be able to resonate to the deeper indications relevant to the unfolding of your spiritual life.

Lesson 11 - I see no practical use for them. - Does everything have to have a practical use for you? - They're nice, they're soft and they're furry and they make a pleasant sound. - So would an ermine violin doctor, but I see no advantage in having one. 11

There is no greater goal than to live according to the wishes of your soul. Once you have a deeper understanding of the profound meaning behind the zodiacal wheel and can see the higher potential revealed in each sign your soul can shine forth. And dazzle your friends. We, the publishers, have printed Mme Sosostris' unique spiritual astrology method in eleven easy lessons. To enrol simply post the coupon below enclosing a cheque for £2,500. Can you afford to wait any longer for enlightenment?

Notes:- Madame Sosostris appears in TS Eliot's poem The Wasteland.

Madame Sostris, famous clairvoyante, Has a bad cold, nevertheless, Is known to be the wisest woman in Europe… Thank you. If you see dear Mrs Equitone, Tell her I bring the hosocope myself; One must be so careful these days.

The quotation about retrograde planets appears in Martin Schulman's Karmic Astrology (Retrogrades and Reincarnation).

Star trek quotations:-

1 Kirk to Being in The Final Frontier.

2 McCoy and Spock, The Original Star Trek. The Ultimate Computer.

3 Dax to Sisko, Deep Space 9, Destiny.

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5 Dr Beverly Crusher, The Next Generation, Remember Me.

6 Chekov and Kirk in The Undiscovered Country - from Peter Pan by JM Barrie,

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11 Spock and McCoy, The Original Star Trek, The Trouble with Tribbles .

With thanks to Jeanette Girosky for sharing her bedtime reading of Vettius Valens. And to Mike Southern for his definition of karma.



© Kim Farnell 2006.